Myalup is a small, peaceful coastal settlement, with a population of only 200.

“Myalup” means place of the Paperbark tree, which comes from the Aboriginal word “mya” meaning Paperbark tree. These trees are abundant throughout this area. Myalup lies at the southern edge of the pristine Yalgorup National Park - a haven for native wildlife, a bird sanctuary and a rare location for stromatolites (one of the first life forms known on earth).

Renowned for its excellent beach fishing and pristine white beaches, Myalup is the perfect spot to get away from it all. The coastline is 4WD-accessible, but vehicles are restricted to the beach only. The large sand dunes provide scenic views over the ocean.

Dolphins are frequently spotted along this stretch of coast frolicking in the waves. Myalup is a relaxed, sleepy hollow and a Fishing fanatic’s dream.

Myalup Beach

There are golden beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, ideal for swimming, fishing, beach walks and four wheel driving.

It is possible to drive on the beach from Myalup all the way to the Dawesville Cut.

Beach Fishing

Summer months (December to April) are the best for beach fishing. Common varieties caught are silver bream, tailor, yellow fin, whiting, herring and flathead.

Paradise Beach is an excellent Fishing spot north of Myalup. Accessible by 4WD vehicles only.

Lake Preston, Yalgorup National Park

Almost next to the town are Lake Preston and Yalgorup National Park containing a system of lakes noted for their bird life, woodland scenery and interesting geological features and wildflowers.

While the spring months of September to November usually bring the best displays, there are many winter and summer flowering species to be seen.

There is no time of the year when the area is entirely without flowers and often those hardy enough to endure the summer sun are extremely colorful or of unusual interest.


Visit the dams, Honeymoon Pool and Australind, which has the smallest church in Australia. Australind also has a shopping centre to cater for everyone’s needs.


The Entrance to Myalup boasts one of the Harvey regions unique mosaics designed and made by a talented local artist 'Anthea Ward'. These mosaics are seen in various areas throughout the Harvey District. Stop into the Harvey Visitor Centre for the trail map of Mosaics and Murals.


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